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Our Story

Once upon a time, four doggie parents faced a dilemma. They loved their dogs and wanted to feed them the best, freshest food, but didn’t have time to cook from scratch. Commercial dog food, though convenient and affordable, made their fur-kids fat and flatulent.

“So,” said one, “What if we used our meat processing facility to make pre-cooked dog food that’s just as convenient and affordable?”

“Yeah!” said another, “Dog food that has only fresh, natural ingredients.”

“Ingredients that smell and taste delicious.” added the third, “I bet our friends would want some for their dogs too,” added the fourth.

“Great,” said the first, “Now what should we call it?”

And just like that, DoggyLish was born!

The Team


Nicole Krϋger

Marketing Maniac

Responsible for Sales and Distribution


Dennis Patel

Operations Ninja

Responsible for all Doggylish Operations


Anastasia Bromley

Sales Wizard

Responsible for National Treat Distribution


Johan & Tania Jordaan

Sales Wizards

Responsible for Doggylish Sales & Distribution in CT

Our Food

In a world filled with complexity around dog food information, dog owners are often left scratching their heads when deciding what to feed their dogs and what not to. On top of that, with the busy lives we all live, time is never really on our side if we wanted to cook dog food from scratch.

Doggylish took a simple and fun approach to our dog food, because simpler is better, and life is boring without having fun. Our fun and quirky recipes are produced in small batches, using the high quality ingredients, and produced in a food safe environment. Doggylish is delicious, convenient and affordable.

We are continuingly developing new recipes, so join us on our journey to making fancy food for your furry friends.

Frozen Goodness

We transform simple ingredients using modern commercial cooking techniques into delicious and convenient food for your dog. Our food range is fully cooked and then frozen, which allows you to feed your dog without having to worry about a messy kitchen from DIY dog food recipes.

Ingredients include: Protein (min 40%), sweet potato, carrots, apples, rice, split peas, oat bran, bone meal, salt and parsley.

We have 3 flavours in 500g packs: Clucky Chicken Casserole, Braised Porky Stew & Beefy Goodness Goulash.

Simply thaw and serve!

Delicious Treats

Chicken Jerky

Chicken breasts cut into thin strips, lightly smoked with beech wood chips & air dried to a biltong consistency.

Beefy Wheels

A special blend of beef trimmings and beef heart, minced, formed into small wheels and dehydrated to a dry wors texture.

Beefy Bites

A special blend of beef trimmings and beef heart, filled in a natural sheep casing and dehydrated to a dry wors texture.

Beefy Training Bites

Our delicious Beefy Bites cut into smaller pieces perfect to use for dog training either at home or at a dog training class.

Liver Chips

Ox Liver, cut into bite sized pieces and dehydrated to a chewy texture.

Chicken Carrot Wheels

Cooked carrot and chicken breast are minced together, formed into small wheels and dehydrated to a dry texture.

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Our Happy Clients

Our furbabies always enjoy doggylish meals that compliment their dry food, & love the delicious treats especially the chicken Jerky!

Terisa Hsu

(Rocket, Lexi & Kazzy)

We started off with the doggy treats (Chicken Jerky & Smoked Pork Crackling) – and our dogs LOVED it! Beautifully packaged and easy to store. We then added the frozen food range to their dry food diet and it has worked a treat. Quick and easy to prepare, and full of natural ingredients!

Duncan and Bev Bonnett

(Budd, Marmite & Jake)

Our three fur children all absolutely love their Doggylish food and treats. They have tried other cooked meal brands and didn’t like the food, with Doggylish, they don’t leave a trace behind and can’t wait for meal times!

Jacques & Zara Du Buisson

(Leo, Kai & Tyson)

My dogs love their Doggylish food and treats. It is so easy and such high quality!

Dionne Chen

(Hachi and friends)

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